‘Allo 2011!!!

So here we are, another swinging year!

We're all very excited about 2011, as you can see from our show page, we are returning to our regular haunts and are looking forward to many shiny new oppertunities.

We're sad to be saying goodbye to our darlin' Ross, who has gone off travelling, but we are most happy to say 'hello' to Adrian, who will be picking up the sticks.

We are joining our friends at The Magic Theatre, on January 29th and we're back at the 100 Club on March 12th, so stick those dates in your diary!

We'll keep you updated about our shannanigans throughout the year and we look forward to 'avin' some right old knees ups with you all!

In the meantime,

Keep Swinging!

The Fabulous Lounge Swingers!

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